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by Dan Harrington on March 27, 2011

The Ultimate Barista Guide and Barista Job Description With Barista Resume Tips as Well as Tips for the Home Barista!

Espresso is a culture that includes not only the finely pulled espresso shot but also Espresso-based specialty coffee drinks such as Perfect Cappuccinos and Lattes, and Espresso Cuisine.

A Barista is knowledgable in espresso culture and also prepares excellent brewed coffee and other coffee beverages.

The Multi-Faceted Job of the Master Barista

In modern parlance a Barista performs a whole range of coffee shop duties including greeting customers, taking orders, and serving a variety of items.

Also involved in being a Barista is maintaining the coffee shop which may consist of a whole variety of duties from cleaning to stocking store shelves.

Are you dreaming of landing that ultimate Barista job at Starbucks or Peet’s of another high end coffee shop located in your area?

Read on to find out everything you will need to know about being a Barista from how to dress, skills you will need, and how to prepare an excellent Barista Resume so that you will be hired and can begin living out your Barista dreams!

Barista As the Master Crafter Of Premium Gourmet Coffee Drinks

One of the primary jobs of being a Barista is to brew The Perfect Cup of Coffee and be able to prepare a variety of exceptional Coffee Drink Recipes.

Barista Baristas continued:

The Barista must be able to brew the Perfect Espresso Shot following all the proper procedures and technical specifications using high quality roasted and ground coffee with the proper grind size, tamping pressure, brewing temperature and extraction time

An aspiring Barista should learn about the different types of espresso machines [ckt add] and the methods they use to provide high pressure for extraction of brewed Espresso.

Barista Knowledge of Espresso Brewing Equipment

For example, there is the Steam-Driven Espresso Machine, Pump-Driven Espresso Machine, Piston-Driven Espresso Machine and Air-Pump Espresso Machine, with many varieties of each available.

Commercial espresso machines have notable differences from prosumer espresso machines and home espresso machines, and increasingly popular are the pod espresso machines, and for commercial establishments, the super automatic espresso machines that will do everything for you and deliver a superb shot of espresso.

Positive Customer Experience Is Overarching Barista Goal

A modern day Barista has the overarching goal of creating a positive customer experience each and every visit. This is the primary concern of the high end coffee shops when they are choosing who to hire.

Being A People Person Is A Desired Barista Quality

Remember, they can train you to make great Espresso and coffee drinks but it is hard to train someone to be an outgoing “people person” willing to smile and work with a positive attitude with the goal of making customers happy. This is the most valuable trait you can possess in the eyes of management so make sure it shines through on your Barista Resume.

Barista Baristas continued:

If you are an aspiring Barista then don’t be modest on your Barista Resume, make sure you mention all of your great qualities, but remember there is a difference between being confident and arrogant.

Leave some room for improvement and emphasize your willingness to learn as well as your willingness to adhere to company procedures and protocols regarding everything from specialty coffee drinks to cleaning schedules, attire and customer relations policies.

The Ultimate Barista Guide and Barista Job Description With Barista Resume Tips as Well as Tips for the Home Barista! continued:

Teamwork An Important Quality of Baristas

Mention that you work well with others, your believe in teamwork and also backing each other up. When it comes to working well under pressure you have the ability to multi-task without getting stressed out or cutting corners or exuding a negative attitude in front of customers. Remember the main goal is to provide a great customer experience.

No matter what your skill levels are at the moment, and no matter how little experience you have dealing with customers, it only requires a positive attitude and willingness to learn, and the sooner you begin the sooner you will be on the way to becoming a master Barista. Who knows, someday you may open your own coffee shop!

The Interview for the Barista Job

When engaging in an interview for a Barista job focus on the customer experience, and how your main focus is to make sure the customer is happy each and every time. Also relate that you understand this is often easier said than done, particularly when there is a long line and lots of pressure to serve customers.

Emphasize that you understand that this is when it is most important to continue working very quickly and efficiently with a smile on your face. Customers will understand if there is a line at their favorite coffee shop, because it is popular since the service and specialty coffee drinks are so great!

What people will not understand, and what may lose customers, are employees that waste time and are not efficient, which keeps everyone waiting for no apparent reason. Also mention the importance of communication in your Barista job, and this includes communicating with other employees for optimal teamwork as well as communicating with customers so you can serve them more efficiently.

Dealing With a Rude Customer – This Is Where the Barista Shines

Be prepared in a Barista job interview to answer a question about what you would do if you were confronted by a very rude and pushy customer. For example, you may note that is a very important part of any Barista Training to be able to turn a customer’s potential very bad experience into a good one.

In fact this is an opportunity to really show a customer that you will go the extra mile to make sure they are satisfied, and when this truly happens you may gain a customer for life. It’s all about the positive customer experience!

Barista Physical Appearance – Maintaining A Neat and Tidy Appearance and Workplace

It is very important for a Barista to maintain a neat physical appearance, long hair tied back, clothes well laundered and not wrinkled, close-toes shoes, and a general prim and proper appearance.

In the food service industry this is extremely important for safety reasons. In addition when you are applying for a Barista job you want to make a great first impression that reflects on the qualities important in the industry, and in this case being neat and tidy is a very important quality desired by potential employees.

Also make sure your fingernails are clean, and that your whole person generally sends forth a message of clean, neat and tidy. In this regard your work habits also need to follow this theme.

Maintaining A Professional Demeanor Is Hallmark of Master Barista

Another quality important to management is to remain professional at all times and not bring personal problems to work. It is okay to have light collegial conversations with other employees but never at the expense of efficient service, and you should never be bringing up your important personal problems or turning your stage into a soap box.

Barista Baristas continued:

It is best to talk about work related issues, how to improve the business, how you can do a better job, areas you and the other employees could work on or work together more efficiently. Other employees should not know the difference in your demeanor on a good day or a bad day for you, that is the sign of a true professional Barista.

Baristas Are Tasked With Maintaining A Spotless Work Environment

In your Barista Resume as well as in an interview emphasize that you know the importance of maintaining a very neat workplace, including keeping the brewing equipment very clean, the counters, and of course the coffee shop itself (tables and floors).

When it comes to espresso brewing it is important to keep the steaming wand clean, and to keep all equipment that comes in contact with either the Espresso or the Steamed and Frothed Milk absolutely spotless.

Expanding Your Knowledge of Premium Gourmet Coffee

Baristas should know about coffee! Plain and simple, they should have an understanding of the breadth and scope of high quality coffee beans as well as the various coffee brewing methods.

A Barista should have an understanding of coffee flavor profiles from the top coffee growing regions around the world.

Knowing the Product Important for Efficient Barista Customer Service

If you are applying for a Barista job at a particular coffee shop make it a point to first go in and see what types of coffee beans they use and learn more about the origin of the beans and the basic qualities of the brewed coffee and Espresso that results from using the beans to make coffee beverages.

Learning in advance about what a coffee shop focuses on will give you a leg up on getting the Barista job you seek.

In this regard an aspiring Barista should learn about the Best Coffees In The World just to improve their overall knowledge and understanding of the wonderful world of coffee so that someday you may be considered a master Barista!

Discovering the World of Premium Gourmet Coffee A Barista Must!

You might begin by learning about the qualities of Kenyan Coffee and Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and understanding how these two world famous coffees are totally different yet both highly respected.

Then perhaps venture into a study of Ethiopian Harrar Coffee and Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee and see how some of the world’s best coffees have subtle differences among regions. Finally check out the Yemen Mocha Coffee and study up a bit on the History of Coffee.

The Basic Qualities and Nuances of Premium Gourmet Coffee

The master Barista has an understanding of all the subtle nuances of coffee and knows that the basic qualities are the coffee’s body, aroma, sweetness/bitterness, acidity and finish (aftertaste) as well as the flavor itself, which may be considered a combination of all of those qualities.

An aspiring Barista should attend a coffee cupping (professional coffee tasting) or even a Barista competition to learn about coffee and this will also enhance your Resume. See Gourmet Coffee Tasting Tips for ways to evaluate coffee on your own and get ready for the competition.

You could even volunteer to help organize or set up an event and this will allow you to meet people who are great connections for an aspiring Barista.

Knowing the Basics of Coffee Is Standard Barista Fare

A skilled Barista should have a knowledge of coffee Grinding as well as Roasting and should be familiar with the methods of Grinding Coffee for Espresso.

Baristas Barista continued:

The Barista as well as the coffee connoisseur is aware of the preference for a conical burr grinder though a wheel burr grinder also works well, and least favorable for gourmet coffee is the blade coffee grinder.

Evaluating Fine Coffee Part of Barista’s Job

A Barista should be able to assess the quality of coffee beans and knows the importance of using freshly-roasted beans that have been shipped and stored properly. Certainly a Barista understands that Espresso is typically made using a dark roasted coffee often referred to as Espresso Roast.

One basic thing a Barista should know is the difference between Robusta and Arabica coffee beans. While most of the specialty coffee industry involves Arabica beans, many Espresso blends use a certain amount of Robust to impart a particular flavor. Many high end coffee shops serve only 100% Arabica bean coffee and Espresso.

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