Barista Job Description For Espresso Coffee Shop Baristas

by Dan Harrington on March 20, 2011

How To Be A Master Barista – Barista Resume Tips

Are you considering becoming a Barista at a fine coffee house or perhaps you just want to create awesome espresso drinks. Do you need to write a Barista Resume to apply to a top coffee chain like Starbucks or Peet’s? Here is everything you need to know about being a master Barista.

Barista Job Description – What Does A Barista Do?

First of all the master Barista should be able to provide The Perfect Cup of Coffee as well as Perfect Cappuccinos and Lattes and other Coffee Drink Recipes. To do this the Barista must be able to produce a Perfect Espresso Shot.

Barista Espresso Machine Skills

A master Barista will generally learn the difference between the various types of espresso machines which are used to provide the proper pressure for extraction by forcing hot water at high pressure through tamped and roasted, ground coffee.

Barista As a People Person

In addition a great Barista is a “people person” who wants to give customers a great coffee shop experience so they come back again and again.

Now that we have covered the main points, let’s focus on some of the nitty gritty of being a master Barista so you understand how to write the perfect Barista Resume if you are an aspiring Barista, or simply learn to prepare great Espresso and coffee drinks at home if that is your goal.

Barista Job Description For Espresso Coffee Shop Baristas continued:

A Barista Should Know About Coffee – Start Your Studies With the World’s Three Main Growing Regions:

Working the Counter at the Coffee Shop – The Master Espresso Coffee Shop Barista

A Barista often works the whole front counter area of the coffee shop and may participate in serving food items as well as various coffee drinks, tea and other beverages.

If you would like to work at a Starbucks or Peet’s coffee shop then make sure you provide the perfectly polished resume that puts your best foot forward.

Also leave some room for humility. As much as you want to shine with all of your accomplishments and knowledge that you list, you also want to say more than once that you are willing to learn and improve, a good team player – “works well with others.”

Do this along with a positive attitude and a well-polished resume and you are sure to be on your way to the Barista job of your dreams!

Barista Skills – Keeping the Line Moving – Essential Knowledge for Baristas

An important part of a master Barista’s job is to keep the line moving in the coffee shop, providing each customer with a smile and friendly service, while not wasting time.

When many people are waiting in line they will be looking to see how efficient you are and they will be patient as long as you are not wasting time needlessly at their expense.

How A Barista Deals With an Unruly Customer

Part of your Barista Training involves developing the skills to deal with all sorts of customers including those who may be pushy or outright rude.

Remember the customer is always right and it is better to give them a free coffee beverage or meet some demand they might have if they consider their service or coffee drink less than perfect. This is where a master Barista shines, in somehow turning a bad experience into a good one, and possibly creating a customer for life.

How to Multi-Task and Prioritize – Barista Tips

A master Barista is a multi-task expert, taking care of numerous things in the proper order with the goal of providing supreme customer service and exceptional specialty coffee drinks.

Remember the ability to multi-tasked requires the Barista to think of what needs to be done at the particular moment and constantly prioritize items for the best efficiency.

The ability to multi-task requires that you do more than just work fast, and it also does not include being hyper-active or extra speedy without purpose.

Consistency and Friendliness are Barista Hallmarks

Remember worker safety is also a concern so the Barista must be aware of their environment, especially if its crowded behind the Espresso bar. Don’t move so fast as to make others feel uncomfortable with your presence. And don’t get stressed out by a long line if you are working as fast as you can.

The reason there is a line is because your service and coffee drinks are excellent, so don’t cut corners even when there are people waiting, or you will be cutting off your foot to save your toe!

Also when you have to multi-task and are very busy, don’t forget to still put the customer first, offer a smile and a friendly word, and don’t be so self-absorbed that you shut out the surrounding environment.

The goal is to find a balance between being chatty with a customer and keeping the line moving and keeping the Caffe Lattes coming!

The Customer Is Always Right – Treat Everyone With Respect

An experienced Barista knows that the customer always comes first because your whole purpose is to give them a wonderfully positive experience in your coffee shop.

Be consistent with each customer, trying to greet them by name if you can, and offering a smile and a friendly word while efficiently taking their order and proceeding to serve them with whatever they need.

Barista Job Description For Espresso Coffee Shop Baristas – More Great Tips

Keeping It Professional as a Master Barista

A professional Barista also makes sure to never bring their own personal problems to work. This is the mark of the true professional, that even on a very bad day for you no one will even know the difference.

That’s not to say you can’t fraternize or socialize with other employees, but know the difference between light conversation and revealing intimate details of your life or extreme personal problems (Too Much Information Syndrome).

Work is a place to focus on your duties and getting too personal can interfere with your job and also make other people uncomfortable. Customers also should not be peppered with your personal issues. Keep it light and friendly, don’t get too personal, and Smile!

Also see:

Barista Knowledge About the World’s Finest Coffees

A Barista should also know something about the world’s finest premium gourmet coffees – just some basic knowledge about taste profiles and how the coffee’s are processed, perhaps where they are grown and their most redeeming qualities.

For example you should know about how a Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee differs from a Ethiopian Harrar Coffee, and some of the overall qualities including body, sweetness/bitterness, acidity, aroma, and also the aftertaste. Attend a coffee cupping (professional coffee tasting) to learn more about coffee and advance your Barista knowledge.

A great Barista will know how a Yemen Mocha Coffee differs from a Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee or a Kenyan Coffee, and which work best in the various Coffee Recipes. To learn more see What is Premium Gourmet Coffee?

Espresso Coffee Shop Tips for Baristas

Knowledge of the Barista

Certainly the Barista should know the basic differences between Robusta and Arabica coffee beans.

A professional Barista should also know about Grinding and Roasting Coffee including Grinding Coffee for Espresso. Also see Gourmet Coffee Tasting Tips.

Keep A Neat Workplace and a Neat Appearance

Cleanliness is clearly next to godliness when it comes to being a Barista. Not only must you keep your brewing equipment clean and your work area spotless, you must also maintain a neat physical appearance. This is very important in any food service industry.

For many customers the cleanliness is the primary thing they are concerned with since they will be eating and drinking the products offered by the cafe.

An untidy environment is a signal that the food itself may not be fresh and well kept, and a customer feeling this way may never come back. Go out of your way to show how clean and proper your cafe and work environment is.

Barista Job Description – Personal Hygiene of the Professional Barista

Make sure that if you have long hair it is tied back or held under a hat. Keep very neatly trimmed fingernails and clean hands, wear fresh and clean clothing, not wrinkled and frumpy, and wear close-toes shoes rather than sandals.s

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