Barista Resume Examples – Sample Resume for Baristas

by Dan Harrington on March 26, 2011

Polish Up Your Barista Resume for the High-End Barista Job

Do you want to work at Starbucks or Peet’s, or that fine coffee shop just down the road from your house, the place with the really great gourmet coffee and awesome espresso drinks.

See Barista Resume for great tips on how to write your Resume, and also use the sample resume example below.

Tom Crenshaw

1456 Middleton Place, Seattle WA 98101

tomcrenshaw44@mailprovider.…., 613-734-8737

Experienced Coffee Shop Barista. Skilled in preparing exceptional brewed coffee, espresso, and espresso coffee drinks including Cappuccinos and Lattes. Skilled in espresso brewing techniques and also excel at customer service, friendly and outgoing, willing to go the extra mile to create a positive experience for each and every customer.

Work well under pressure, and am able to multi-task. Also possess business skills, inventory maintenance, ordering, and light accounting. Familiar with QuickBooks and store inventory software programs.

Fluent in Italian, French and English. Trained in Emergency Procedures and CPR.

“Tom was our most valued employee and we were sorry he left due to his move to Ohio. Any coffee shop owner would be delighted to have Tom due to his professional and positive attitude as well as his exceptional Barista skills.”

Frank Lemon, Manager/Owner of A Bean Above Coffee Shop

[Also see: Foolproof Guide To Perfect Cappuccinos and Lattes]

Resume Format – Barista Resume Sample continued:


A Bean Above Coffee Shop

Manager, Espresso Barista Counter Person, 2003-2011

Prepared a wide variety of brewed coffee drinks and espresso coffee drinks, trained employees in exceptional customer service as well as Barista skills. Created food menu and expanded offerings.

[Resume Templates for Baristas - Sample Barista Resume continued:]

Developed cleaning schedules, helped stock store shelves, maintained inventory lists, and placed orders for goods. Developed detailed procedures for cleaning coffee equipment.

Developed Community Events calendar and Open Mic Night Program that became very successful and increased revenues by more than 40%.

Finishing Up Your Perfect Barista Resume

The Resumes above should give you a good idea on how to get started on your Barista Resume. Start by filling in your own skills and qualifications and then brainstorming about all of the things you may be forgetting including any relevant work experience including dealing with the public.

Don’t forget to mention any positive business experiences you may have had, industrious ideas that paid off, or glowing references from the community or someone who is very well known.

By the way it is never too late to improve your knowledge and qualifications, including learning more about gourmet coffees as well as brewing techniques and methods of grinding coffee as well as roasting coffee.

When you are done brainstorming then begin to hone down your Barista Resume so that it includes just the very best of your accomplishments in as few words as possible. Don’t repeat the same thing twice, but throughout the Barista Resume make sure you return again to the positive customer experience that is the true goal of the master Barista.

If you are good at remembering names and greeting customers by name, make sure to mention this as it is a very important quality. Most managers know that the most important moment of the customer experience is the initial greeting as it sets the stage for the rest of their visit, and may determine whether the customer returns again and again, or instead never comes back.

Put your best foot forward on your Barista Resume and let the establishment know that you are the very best, and have an eagerness and positive attitude that makes you not only a great team player but also someone who is not afraid to do the extra work to enhance the customer experience with each and every customer.

As you discuss your qualifications on your Barista Resume be very confident yet not overbearing or arrogant. There is a big difference. Your great skills should be tempered with a willingness to learn, and in particular a willingness to fit into a new environment which may have its own set of rules and procedures that must be followed.

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