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by Dan Harrington on March 25, 2011

Tips On Polishing Up Your Resume For The Ultimate Barista Job

Are you ready to land the perfect Barista job? Follow these tips and suggestions for a perfect Barista Resume and you will be on the road to becoming a master Barista in a fine coffee establishment such as Starbucks, Peet’s, or other high end cafes.

First we go over everything you need to know about being a Barista. Then at the end of this article we provide you with an actual Barista Resume Sample that you can use as a model.

Everything You Need To Know To Be A Barista

There are a few different things you need to be aware of when taking on the task of writing a perfect Barista Resume. First of all you need to realize that a Barista’s job goes way beyond preparing fine coffee drinks, and much of this centers around other ways in which to enhance the customer experience.

However it is also true that the master Barista is able to prepare The Perfect Cup of Coffee and the Perfect Espresso Shot.

Additionally the Barista can make Perfect Cappuccinos and Lattes as well as a whole variety of other Coffee Drink Recipes. The skilled Barista will likely also have a knowledge of Espresso Cuisine.

Barista As People Person – What Does That Mean?

One thing that should shine through on your Barista Resume is the sense that you are a great “people person” who will greet people with a smile, remember names, deal with problems in a professional manner, and work well with the other Baristas and the management.

If you can convey these qualities on your Barista Resume then you are ninety percent there because most managers and cafe owners know that they can train you to make a great coffee beverage but may have a much more difficult time teaching you to be friendly and professional at all times.

Mentioning Your People Skills On Your Barista Resume

The quality of “people person” may be conveyed on the Barista Resume in a variety of ways, and we will suggest some below, and it may be alluded to in the Skills Summary section of your resume as well as in the Resume Profile section.

Cleanliness of the Master Barista Is Very Close To Godliness

Another overriding theme that should be infused throughout your Barista Resume has to do with cleanliness. This includes your own personal hygiene as well your work habits in maintaining a clean and tidy workplace environment. This is essential in the food service industry and is very important to many customers.

In this regard you need to make sure your appearance as well as your demeanor are in top form when you first inquire about applying for a job as well as any subsequent meetings or appearances at the cafe. Long hair should be well-groomed and pulled back, fingernails clean, clothes sharp and not frumpy.

Maintaining A Spotless Work Environment Is Hallmark of Skilled Barista

On your Barista Resume you should emphasize your ability to keep a clean work environment by keeping the coffee brewing equipment very clean (e.g., wiping off the steam wand of the espresso machine after each use and purging it of any milk), wiping down counters, keeping things in proper order, taking care of any spills or messes quickly.

Your penchant for neatness will impress a potential employer as a clean workplace attracts customers while a dirty workplace or untidy work habits just one time can lose a customer forever.

Barista Attire – Some General Rules for Putting Yourself Together

Barista attire should suit the job and emanate a feeling of clean and well-dressed. Some general rules are to avoid long, flowing clothing, wear a nice new shirt when first applying for the job, avoid sandals and instead wear close-toed shoes (more appropriate in a food-serving environment), and don’t forget to make sure you hair is very well-groomed.

A hat may be appropriate as well as tying back the hair. If you are wearing a button down shirt then make sure and button it almost to the top.

Put yourself together very nicely because first impressions are huge in the Barista world. After all,  as a master Barista you will be giving hundreds upon hundreds of “first impressions” during the course of your Barista work.

Increase Your Knowledge of Gourmet Coffee and Espresso

Expanding your overall knowledge about coffee is also important if you are seeking the ultimate Barista job. You don’t have to study every coffee from every country, but you should know the types of coffee that come from different regions (CKT LINKS), and what their basic qualities and coffee flavor profiles.

Certainly you should have an awareness of the coffees being served at the particular coffee shop where you will be working, so if you can do a little research in advance this can give you a leg up on the competition for the Barista job.

Learn about some of the world’s fine coffees like Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and Ethiopian Harrar Coffee or Yemen Mocha Coffee, Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee or Kenyan Coffee.

The Basic Qualities of Gourmet Coffee – Barista Knowledge Important – Barista Resume Tips

Learn about the basic characteristics of coffee including qualities including body, sweetness/bitterness, acidity, aroma, and also the aftertaste. These are things you learn about during a coffee cupping (professional coffee tasting).

If you want to enter the upper echelons of a master Barista you should try to attend a Barista competition to see what it is all about. Also excellent is participation in a coffee cupping or Professional Coffee Judging where the qualities of particular coffees are discerned and evaluated.

Mentioning on your Barista Resume that you have participated in these activities can show the management that you are serious about coffee and want to do an excellent job as a Barista.

Fine Barista Qualities – Willingness To Learn and Go the Extra Mile to Improve Your Skills

You are willing to go the extra mile to become more proficient in your craft, and are eager to learn and grow in the field. This positive attitude can go a long way with management that may have experienced surly and uncooperative employees who were not team players.

Skilled Barista Can Multi-Task and Work Well Under Pressure

On your Barista Resume make sure and emphasize your ability to multi-task and work efficiently and quickly no matter what the circumstances. You don’t get stressed out, you just keep prioritizing and multi-tasking to take care of all of the customers’ needs as quickly as possible and without being frantic about, even if a customer starts complaining at the worst possible time or a piece of equipment breaks.

This is where you prove your worth as a skilled Barista, keeping a smile on your face and working without pause to deliver the finest coffee drinks to your customers.

Don’t forget that employers have many jobs for you to do other than making coffee beverages so you may want to mention your abilities in other areas as you write your Barista Resume. For example, stocking inventory and keeping items for sale on store shelves clean and well-presented.

Perhaps you have experience in creating retail displays, marketing, or other areas that may be of value to a potential employer, especially if they are seeking to grow their business through innovative new ideas and hard work. You might be just the person to spark the business so it grows.

Also on your Barista Resume mention your skills at cleaning in general, and your knowledge of how to maintain a sanitary environment at all times and on a regular schedule in a cafe or food service environment.

Just stating your awareness of this will go a long way to letting the employer know you have an understanding of all the cleaning that needs to go on in a cafe and how the Barista helps in this regard.

Barista As Great Communicator – Working As A Team

When you mention your ability to multi-task you may also wish to state how you believe that communication is an important part of the Barista job. Communicating with customers is of course very important and is essential to serving them efficiently.

Communicating with other employees is also crucial, especially when things get very busy and you need to make sure many things are being accomplished at once – in this situation teamwork and communication are paramount.

No matter how busy the coffee shop gets, the customers will tolerate waiting in line as long as they see how efficiently the staff is working, without cutting corners, to serve each customer quickly and efficiently – it’s like a ballet, everyone working together to create the beautiful art of a Caffe Latte!

Remember however that the ability to multi-task efficiently requires that you are not simply hyper-active or frenzied, but instead you may want to emphasize your ability to keep a calm and cool demeanor amongst all the pressure of a fast-paced environment and that you thrive on challenges and have no problem in high-pressure situations.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward On the Barista Resume

When preparing your Barista Resume first brainstorm about all of your skills, accomplishments, Barista Training and other relevant training, and personal positive qualities.

List every possible thing you can think of, and then you can begin to organize it into the proper form and edit it to the point where you can say all of your shining qualities in the fewest words possible. Don’t be shy, a Resume is no time to be modest.

You can put your best foot forward by really emphasizing all of your positive qualities and it will not sound arrogant if done properly. Remember, a willingness to learn is part of your great Barista Resume so that alone will convey a certain humility.

Also your whole focus is on creating a positive experience for customers, putting a smile on their faces, and ensuring they enjoy their coffee beverage and come back again and again.

Listing Your Work Experience On the Barista Resume

When listing out your past work experience on your Barista Resume make sure to include not only coffee shops and cafes you may have worked at but also work in any other areas of the food service industry.

Also important are any jobs where you worked with people, and this may include significant volunteer opportunities as well or internships if they can show that you have good skills in dealing with the public.

Also any jobs you may have had that have to do with gaining any business experience or skills, accounting of funds, dealing with money, managerial experience, training of other employees, and special skills you may have acquired that are relevant to the work of a Barista.

If you are currently engaged in studying any of these topics further, or aspire to excel in a certain area in the future, that deserves mention as well.

CPR training should also be mentioned if you have received it, and this is also true for any other sort of emergency or medical training, which may be very valuable to an employer concerned about a safe workplace.

Listing Your Previous Coffee Shop Experience – Barista Resume Tips

As you prepare your Barista Resume and mention the coffee shop experience you have, make sure to elaborate on the specific skills you honed and mastered rather than just saying you worked there.

For example, your people skills may be described as customer relations and you can describe the lengths you went to in order to enhance the customer experience.

Specific skills that may be mentioned might be preparing excellent gourmet coffee beverages, developing a menu, maintaining equipment, helping with inventory and training of employees, and any other specific skill you may be able to describe in more detail.

The words you choose to describe your previous coffee shop experience will reflect upon your attitude to the work experience overall so choose your words carefully to create a clean and crisp image of your past performance and how you excelled in your previous opportunities.

Barista Tips – How To Make Espresso and Espresso Coffee Drinks

Make sure you are using high quality coffee beans that have been freshly-roasted and shipped to you very recently and stored properly. For Espresso a dark roasted coffee is typically used, and typically referred to as an Espresso Roast.

The goal of espresso brewing is to produce a properly extracted shot with a thick consistence and an intense concentration of flavors and robust taste. It should have a proper layer of crema atop the shot and the crema should be golden brown in color.

Grinding Coffee For Brewing Espresso – Enhancing a Resume for Baristas

A professional Barista should also know about Grinding coffee as well as Roasting Coffee including Grinding Coffee for Espresso

Determining the proper grind size for the particular espresso machine you are using is very important. This may vary just a bit depending upon if you are using a pump-driven espresso machine or a steam-driven espresso machine, though in either case the grind will be very fine.

It is best if you use a high quality coffee grinder, with the preferred type being the conical burr grinder or a wheel burr grinder rather than a blade coffee grinder.

Preparing To Brew the Espresso

Make sure the demitasse has been pre-warmed so it doesn’t immediately pull the heat out of the Espresso Shot and degrade its flavor. Also make sure you have pre-warmed the portafilter of the espresso machine.

Place approximately two tablespoons of ground coffee into the basket of the portafilter for a single espresso shot, and twice this much for a double espresso shot.

Make sure to firmly tamp the coffee down into the portafilter with just a very slight twisting motion. This will help to seal the puck of coffee and ensure that there aren’t any weak spots where the water may blow through causing under-extraction.

Extracting the Flavors and Aromatic Oils for an Optimal Espresso Shot

A typical extraction time for espresso is about 22 seconds though you may need to adjust this a bit depending upon your brewing temperature, grind size, firmness of tamping, type of coffee and other factors.

The main goal is to extract the coffee’s fine flavors without extracting too much bitterness so you can enjoy the espresso’s sweetness and fine aromas.

Steaming and Frothing Milk for Espresso-Based Coffee Drinks

The goal of steaming milk for espresso drinks is to create a very creamy and velvety milk that blends with the espresso with a high-quality, pourable and shapeable foam on top creating a delicious harmony of flavors.

Make sure and use very cold milk, and avoid using non-fat milk if you want a very high quality foam. Two percent works well. Fill the steaming pitcher about one-third full.

Starting the Steaming and Frothing Process

Before you begin steaming purge the steaming wand by placing a wet towel over the end and turning on the steam for a moment. Put the steaming wand just beneath the surface of the milk but not too deep, and hold the pitcher at a slight angle so that the steam begins to circulate the milk around in a vortex.

Tips For Baristas – Finding the Sweet Spot for the Steaming Wand

You will know you have found the “sweet spot” for the steaming wand when you hear a distinct hissing sound. This means air is being injected into the milk properly to create a high quality steamed milk.

If you have the steaming wand in the right spot then you won’t need to move the pitcher at all except gradually lowering it as the volume of the milk expands.

Once the milk is one hundred and forty-five degrees it should be ready. Make sure it doesn’t get any hotter than this as it can scald the milk and create an unpleasant burnt taste.

For more tips see Steaming and Frothing Milk.


“Susan is an exceptional employee who has strong leadership skills and is always willing to take on new challenges. Susan is a honest and hard-working Barista and would be a great asset to any company.”

John Filigree, Manager Coffee Bean Roasters Cafe

SUSAN McDermott

1421 Sycamore Road, Seattle, WA, 93429

Cell: 212-346-9823



Bachelors in Business Management, University of Arizona, 1999.

Food and Hospitality Certification, AT Technical Institute, 2000.

Certified Food Server.


Espresso Coffee Barista with 7 years cafe experience, Strong knowledge of espresso brewing, espresso machines, and a variety of food service equipment. Outgoing and friendly “people person,” great at remembering names and greeting customers by name, skilled at keeping the line moving with fast and friendly, efficient service. Excellent ability to multi-task. Teamwork and communication also strong skills. Fluent in Spanish and English.


Hill of Beans Cafe, Santa Barbara, CA 93111 – 2001-2008

Espresso Coffee Barista

Prepared excellent coffee drinks, served food items and desserts, maintained front counter, assisted in inventory management and employee training, maintained espresso brewing equipment.

Greeted customers and took orders, prepared sandwiches and salads, restocked store shelves with coffee supply items, various gifts.

Completed weekly thorough cleanings including all counters, steam tables, brewing equipment, floors and tables.


American Espresso Barista Society

World Coffee Judging Association


Participate in various volunteer organizations including Habitat for Humanity (four days per year), and the Red Cross (two annual fundraisers). Also a mentor in YMCA youth mentoring program where I tutor math to underprivileged middle school children.

Thanks For Reading These Tips On Writing the Perfect Barista Resume! Good Luck!!

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