Barista Training Guide

This comprehensive training guide provides information that will give you all of the skills and knowledge to make the highest quality Gourmet Coffee Drinks including espresso shots and espresso-based specialty drinks.

Barista Courses

Over time you will gain a general knowledge of the Taste Profiles of the World’s Gourmet Coffees.

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As you begin to Discover the World’s Finest Premium Gourmet Coffees you will embark upon a lifelong journey of appreciating the broad range of coffee flavors and aromas and also learning about the different geographical regions where the coffee grows.

Of course being a Barista starts with Pulling the Perfect Espresso Shot, so we will begin by examining what comprises a shot of espresso.

Anatomy of an Espresso Shot

  • Crema—The top, thin foamy layer of the espresso shot—should be sweet, with a light, golden-brown color that changes to whitish as the good oils in the coffee are extracted. The crema has the best of the coffee’s flavors and aromatic properties.
  • Body—The middle of the espresso shot—should be caramel-brown color.
  • Heart—The bottom of the espresso shot—should be a deep, rich brown color with a bitterness that balances the aroma’s sweetness.

Barista’s Espresso-Making Checklist

To make espresso you will need a stainless steel steaming pitcher; milk thermometer; milk towels; coffee scoop (2 tablespoon size); coffee tamper; knock box (to knock used grounds into); a large spoon to hold back foam as you pour; and a clear shot glass with marks at 1 and 2 ounces, and/or a demitasse.

Stainless steel is the best material for a steaming pitcher because it allows some of the heat to dissipate, which will give you more time to infuse air into the milk before the milk gets too hot and scalds.

A thermometer made for espresso clips onto the side of the steaming pitcher.  With a little experience you will be able to estimate the 145 degree Fahrenheit temperature by feel and will no longer need the thermometer.

If you are making a mixed drink you can use the marked shot glass. If you are going to be drinking the shot itself then use the demitasse.

Now that you have the basics you can learn how to Pull the Perfect Espresso Shot.

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