Best Coffee – Interesting Coffees of Africa and Arabia

by Dan Harrington on April 29, 2011

Nigerian CoffeeIn recent years Nigeria’s old coffee plantations have been rejuvenated, often by cutting the coffee plants to about about 1.5 meters. Robusta plants cultivation improvements are being made while more than one hundred varietals of Arabica are being grown experimentally on the Mambilla Plateau.

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Cameroon CoffeeThe Arabica coffee from Cameroon is known for its rich and full body along with a mellow taste and gentle aroma. Traditionally known for the lower grade Robusta, increased high grade organic Arabica coffee cultivation has been occurring in the mountainous western highlands in Boyo with its nutrient-rich, dark volcanic soils that produce a respected Cameroon Boyo peaberry coffee.

Ivory Coast Coffee – Cote D’Ivoire CoffeeThe Ivory Coast primarily produces the lower grade Robusta coffee beans used for instant coffee. There is future potential if political turmoil subsides. Most Ivory Coast coffee has historically been sold in Italy and France.

Zaire CoffeeAbout 90% of Zaire’s coffee crop is the lower grade Robusta coffee which used mostly for instant coffee, with the rest being higher grade Arabica coffee plant varietals.

Burundi CoffeeClean and delicate, a fine Burundi coffee exhibits pleasant flavors and has a well-balanced body and acidity with hints of sweet citrus along with cinnamons spice notes. The aromas may suggest lemon blossoms and honey.

Togo CoffeeWith a climate providing good growing seasons for coffee, the Togolese Republic in West Africa primarily produces Robusta coffee.

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