Best Coffee – Interesting Coffees of Asia, Indonesia and the Pacific

by Dan Harrington on April 29, 2011

Sri Lanka CoffeeSpecialty Arabica and Robusta coffee is grown in Nuwara Eliya in the central highlands of Sri Lanka and exhibits a rich and smooth with notes of chocolate.

Himalayan CoffeeGrown from three to six thousand feet above sea level, Himalayan coffee has been increasing in popularity.

Chinese CoffeeA fine cup of China coffee exhibits a light or medium body, mild acidity and clean flavor. The Chinese Yunnan Coffee is becoming more popular in the specialty coffee market.

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Grown in Yunnan is the higher grade Arabica coffee plant varietal with more than 30,000 tons of green coffee beans (unroasted coffee beans) being cultivated in the region annually and this is number is growing steadily.

Borneo CoffeeRobusta, Liberica and the higher grade Arabica coffee is cultivated in Borneo, typically on small farms.

Myanmar Coffee – Burma CoffeeThe Dark-Roasted Myanmar coffee exhibits a nice body with very positive characteristics. Dry processed Myanmar coffee sometimes resembles a nice Brazil Cerrado Coffee.

Thai Coffee – Thailand CoffeeKnown for its complexity, Thailand coffee has been increasing in popularity with greater production. Hilltribe farmers in the Lanna region of Northern Thailand cultivate a Fair Trade Certified. Arabica coffee plant varietal at high altitudes.

Arabica coffee is also grown in the fertile Chiang Mai region of Thailand about 4,500 feet above sea level, 700 km north of Bangkok. Also produced in the Doi Chang area is Civet Coffee which is comprised of coffee beans that have been gathered up after being defecated by an animal called the Civet.

Laos Coffee – Laotian Coffee -At high elevations in Laos on the Bolaven Plateau with its volcanic red earth soils the coffee plant varietals Arabica, Robusta and Liberica thrive. New Laos coffee markets are being developed in the United States with a focus on high grade organic Arabica coffee.

Australian CoffeeMost of Australia’s coffee is grown at elevations ranging from 200 to 400 meters above sea level and the coffee plant varietals are mostly Arabica including Catuai, Mundo Novo (a hybrid of Typica and Bourbon), K7, SL6 and other Kenya coffee varietals suited to the dry Australian climate.

Philippines CoffeeAbout 85% of Philippines coffee is the lower quality Robusta while about 5% five percent is the higher grade Arabica coffee and 7% the Excelsa varietal and the remaining 3% Liberica Coffee.

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Malaysian Coffee – Coffees of MalaysiaBoth the lower grade Robusta and the higher grade Arabica coffee plant varietals are grown in Malaysia though around 95% of the coffee plants are of the Liberica Coffee varietal. Malaysia is rapidly developing a specialty coffee market.

Nepal Coffee – Nepalese CoffeeImproved processing methods are bringing Nepal coffee into the specialty coffee market. Nepalese coffee is known for its mild acidity. Often a Semi-Washed Processing Method.

Cuban Coffee – Coffees of Cuba- Some fine Arabica coffee plant varietals are grown in Cuba. Cuban coffee is typically Dark Roasted and then finely ground and prepared espresso style using an espresso machine or moka pot.

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