Best Coffees – Best Gourmet Coffee Beans You Never Tried

by Dan Harrington on April 4, 2011

Excellent Gourmet Coffees To Please Your Palate

Here is an overview of some of the world’s finest premium gourmet coffees that you may have not yet had the pleasure to experience. They come from various prime growing regions, typically at very high elevations, producing some of the world’s finest coffee beans. Enjoy!

Old Java Coffee is cultivated in east Java Island in Indonesia on the old colonial estates. The coffee is monsooned by allowing the green coffee beans (which are milled but not yet roasted) to be exposed to the moist, warm airs of the country’s rainy season.

Old Brown Java Coffee, which is also known simply as Old Brown Coffee, also comes from the old colonial estates in east Java Island and is also aged and monsooned. Old Government Coffee is the third of the aged, monsooned coffees that are cultivated on Java Island’s old colonial estates.

Best Gourmet Coffee Beans and Best Coffees continued:

Mocha Java Coffee is a delicious blend of Arabian (Yemen) Mocha coffee and Indonesian Java Arabica coffee. As the oldest coffee blend in the world this is a renowned coffee that is actually a happy accident of history because it was created when Yemen coffee beans were shipped in the wooden hulls of sailing ships in the fifteenth century.

At the famed Yemen port of Mokha on the sea route to Mecca sailors coming from Java Island carried their beans and when the two types of coffee beans became mixed and people discovered the pleasing brew it produced, the rest is history! For the whole story see World’s Best History of Coffee.

While Java Coffee (one of the most popular Indonesian coffees) is known as being smooth, bright and clean, it is well complemented by the Mocha coffee’s wildness and intensity. The result is a well-balanced coffee with wonderful complexity.

Best Coffees – Best Gourmet Coffee Beans You Never Tried continued:

Zambia Coffee is grown in south-central Africa providing a brewed cup that is softer than the usual African coffee and with distinctly less acidity.

Congo Coffee is inconsistent due to political turmoil in the country. Fine coffee is grown in the Kivu region (East Congo).

Timor Coffee is known for its expansive flavors and vibrant yet muted acidity. The country’s coffee exports are inconsistent due to processing issues as well as problems with harvesting, but if you can acquire the country’s gourmet coffee beans without significant coffee defects you are in for a treat.

Vietnam Coffee is mostly of the lower grade Robust variety thought the country is the second biggest coffee grower in the world after Brazil, and now grows significantly more coffee than number three Colombia.

Ecuador Coffee is typically medium-bodied with the classic tastes of a fine Central American or South American coffee.

Bolivian Coffee typically has a medium body and is somewhat similar to a fine Colombian coffee. Known for its sweet and aromatic clean and classic flavor, Bolivian coffee has a bright acidity and often provides fruity tones such as lemon, tangerine and pear. Roasting brings out a mild chocolate flavors along with caramel.

Costa Rica Alajuela Coffee is one of the most respected Costa Rica Coffees and offers a full body with a robust taste and acidity level.

Costa Rica Monte Crisol is another fine Costa Rica coffee and offers a silky body and sweet taste with notes of blueberry and a buttery finish with a crisp acidity. A Medium-Dark Roast brings out the fruity brightness of Monte Crisol coffee.

Yet another great Costa Rica coffee is San Marcos de Tarrazu Coffee cultivated in a highland valley of the country’s interior mountains. With a heavy body and a wonderful aromatic complexity, this is one of Costa Rica’s most distinguished coffees along with Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee.

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