Coffee Quotes and Sayings About Caffeine

by Dan Harrington on April 7, 2011

Give Clark Gable Coffee and He Will Smile

“I never laugh,” said the famous actor Clark Gable, “until I’ve had my coffee.”

Common Gossip and High Finance Flows Over Cups of Coffee

“Over second and third cups,” it was written in the New York Times in 1949, “flow matters of high finance, high state, common gossip, and low comedy.”

Coffee Can Put You To Sleep

“Coffee,” someone once said, “is a beverage that puts one to sleep when not drank.”

Coffee Creates Leathery Coating On Stomach, Said Old Book

“Physicians say that coffee without cream is more wholesome, particularly for persons of weak digestion,” it was stated in the Buckeye Cookbook in 1883, which continued, “There seems to be some element in the coffee which combined with the milk, forms a leathery coating on the stomach, and impairs digestion.

Oranges and Coffee In the Sun Chair

“Complacencies of the peignoir, and late, Coffee and oranges in a sunny chair,” wrote Wallace Stevens, “And the green freedom of a cockatoo, Upon a rug mingle to dissipate, The holy hush of ancient sacrifice”

Coffee Interferes With Morning Nap

“Don’t drink coffee in the morning,” someone once said, “It will keep you awake until noon.”

Irish Coffee Contains Essential Food Groups – Enjoy These Classic Coffee Quotes

“Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass,” declared Alex Levein, “all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and fat.”

Enjoy Your Coffee While You Are Able

“The best Maxim I know in this life is, to drink your Coffee when you can,” wrote the famed Jonathan Swift, adding, “and when you cannot, to be easy without it. While you continue to be splenetic, count upon it I will always preach.” Swift continued, “Thus much I sympathize with you that I am not cheerful enough to write, for I believe Coffee once a week is necessary to that.”

Coffee With A Friend Is Time Well Spent – Great Coffee Quotes

“A cup of coffee shared with a friend,” an anonymous person once declared, “is happiness tasted and time well spent.”

The King’s Attempt To Suppress Coffee Houses

King Charles II of England stated in a Proclamation For the Suppression of Coffee Houses in 1675 (which was soon revoked due to protests), “Whereas it is most apparent that the multitude of Coffee Houses of late years set up and kept within this Kingdom…and the great resort of idle and disaffected persons to them, have produced very much of their time, which might and probably would be employed in and about their Lawful Calling and Affairs.” The proclamation continued, “but also for that in such houses…divers, false, malitious, and scandalous reports are devised and spread abroad to the Defamation of His Majesty’s Government, and to the disturbance of the Peace and Quiet of the Realm; his Majesty hath though it fit and necessary, that the said Coffee Houses be (for the Future) put down and suppressed.”

Coffee Quotes and Sayings About Caffeine continued:

Jim Carrey Drinks Coffee and Reflects On Life

“I wake up some mornings and sit and have my coffee and look out at my beautiful garden,” reminisced comedian Jim Carrey, “and I go, ‘Remember how good this is. Because you can lose it.’”

What Do You Mean “Pull” An Espresso Shot?

Do you know where the expression “pulling an Espresso shot” came from? It derives from the early espresso machines that required the Barista to pull down on a lever in order to brew the shot.

Teeth-Chattering and Eye-Bulging Coffee

“Coffee: we can get it anywhere, and get as loaded as we like on it,” reflected Joan Frank, “until such teeth-chattering, eye-bulging, nonsense-gibbering time as we may be classified unable to operate heavy machinery.”

Homer and the Coffee Table

“Oh, my tattered rags,” wrote Homer, “are caught on your coffee table.”

Coffee Can Remove the Vapors From Your Brain

“Moderately drunk, coffee removes vapours from the brain, occasioned by fumes of wine, or other strong liquors,” said England’s Happiness Improved in 1699, adding that it “eases pains in the head, prevents sour belchings, and provokes appetite.”

Ruling the World With Coffee – Sayings About Caffeine

“Given enough coffee,” someone once said, “I could rule the world.”

Drink Coffee To Espresso Yourself!

“Be a coffee-drinking individual,” states the maxim, “Espresso yourself!”

Coffee Fan Who Sounds Like Clint Eastwood

“Go ahead,” said the caffeine lover, “Make my coffee.”

The Most Famous Coffee Table Book – More Coffee Quotes

“My family is really boring,” said Penelope Lombard adding, “They have a coffee table book called Pictures We Took Just to Use Up the Rest of the Film.”

Hanging Coffee In A Bag To Improve Its Taste

“Coffee it is best to buy by the bag, as it improves by keeping,” wrote Catherine Beecher in 1846 in Miss Beecher’s Domestic Receipt-Book adding, “Let it hang in the bag, in a dry place, and it loses its rank smell and taste.”

Coffee Comforts the Brain and Heart

“The drink that comforteth the brain and heart,” Bacon described the coffee beverage, “and helpeth digestion.”

Coffee and Appetite

“Persons drinking coffee, as a general rule, eat less,” it was written in 1881 in the Appledore Cookbook by Maria Parloa who added, “though coffee, and also tea, have little direct food value; but they retard the waste of the tissues, and so take the place of food.”

Dickens and Coffee On A Charcoal Fire

“The coffee was boiling over a charcoal fire,” wrote the famed author Charles Dickens, “and large slices of bread and butter were piled one upon the other like deals in a lumber yard.”

Enjoy These Coffee Quotes and Sayings About Caffeine in 2011!

Coffee And Luck

“When a man is down on his luck,” advised Robertson Davies, “he seems to consume all he can get of coffee and doughnuts.”

Black As A Moonless Night – Great Coffee Quotes continued:

“Blacker than a moonless night. Hotter and more bitter than Hell itself,” said Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright in Godot adding, “That is coffee.”

Coffee Used To Steal Time

Coffee was only a way of stealing time,” commented Terry Pratchett in Thud! adding, “that should by rights belong to your slightly older self.”

Please Do Not Deny Me My Caffeine!

Decaf?, said the coffee lover incredulously, “No, it’s dangerous to dilute my caffeine stream.”

Thackeray On Muddy Coffee – Caffeine Sayings and Quotes About Coffee continued:

“Why do they always put mud into coffee on board steamers?,” queried William Makepeace Thackeray adding, “Why does the tea generally taste of boiled boots?”

Thank You for Reading Coffee Quotes and Sayings About Caffeine on Gourmet Coffee Lovers! Lover You Coffee and Espresso!

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