Taste Profiles of the World’s Gourmet Coffees

Coffees from Arabia and Africa are sweet-flavored with an acidity that is somewhat tart or sparkling, and often with a wonderful fruity aroma.  The flavors range from hints of citrus to zesty, winy, and often mellow with interesting floral elements and a good balance of body and acidity.

American coffees are usually light- to medium-bodied, and they are at the opposite end of the taste spectrum from Asian, Indonesian, and Pacific coffees which have a lower acidity and a smooth taste with exotic and earthy elements, and are usually full-bodied and smooth, often with nutty and earthy qualities, and a dry finish.

In contrast, coffees from the Americas have a clean feel in the mouth, just slightly sweet, and with a lively acidity—crisp and sparkling, and sometimes spicy.

American coffees are also known for their consistency and balance, which is why they are used in creating some of Starbucks most popular selling coffee blends.

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