From Soil To Sip

After the proper growing, harvesting, sorting, drying, milling, grading, processing, roasting, grinding, and brewing, the consumer is finally able to experience the full potential of the premium gourmet coffee.

12 Factors Affecting Your Gourmet Coffee Experience

  1. The Genetic Subspecies and Heritage of the Coffee Plant.
  2. The Growing Conditions of the Coffee—Soil, Climate, Altitude.
  3. How Workers Care For the Trees—Pruning, Maintenance.
  4. The Harvesting of the Cherry—Hand-Picking is Best.
  5. The Curing Processes—Fermentation, Washing, Drying.
  6. Milling—Hullers Mill and Polish the Coffee Beans.
  7. The Grading Process—Sorting, Sizing, and Selecting the Beans.
  8. Roasting—Light, Medium, or Dark.
  9. Packaging—Valve-Sealed is Best.
  10. Storing the Coffee—Keep It In A Cool, Dry Place.
  11. Grinding—Use a Burr Grinder, and grind the coffee just before brewing.
  12. Brewing—French Press is Best for a Perfect Cup of Coffee.

Now savor the fragrant bouquet and enjoy the rich fullness of the coffee’s body.

CoffeeMan Dan says, “Once the freshly ground coffee is roasted, brewed, poured, and ready to drink, the taste will quickly begin to change due to oxidation and the decrease in temperature—the fullest flavors come through just after brewing, so enjoy your gourmet cup of coffee!”

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