Yemen Mocha (Yemeni Coffee)


Complex, deep earthy, and pungent, Yemen Mocha has overlays of dry cinnamon, cardamom, dry fruits (e.g., raisins), and notes of tobacco as well as rich chocolate tones as well as fruit and wine tones in the darker roasts.

Yemen Mocha is described as wild, lively, intense, and even a bit gamey, and is commonly used in the traditional blend called Mocha-Java along with the Indonesian Java coffee. The aroma, body, and overall flavor profile of Yemen Mocha are all more intense in the darker roasts.


Mocha (Mokha) is a Yemen port. In olden days, Yemeni beans were loaded into wooden hulls of the sailing ships of sailors coming home from Java Island, thus the blend Mocha-Java came to be.

Though the Mocha-Java blend is perhaps an accident of history, the two beans are said to be a natural fit as the clean and bright Java bean blends nicely with the wildness of the Mocha.

CoffeeMan Dan says, “Yemen Mocha is one of the world’s most highly praised coffees and also one of the oldest—perhaps the very oldest (see The Discovery of Coffee). Yemen Mocha is a wild dry-processed) coffee that is grown traditionally (without chemicals).”

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