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Asia, Indonesia and Pacific gourmet coffees have lower acidity and a smooth taste with exotic and earthy elements, and are usually full-bodied and smooth, often with nutty and earthy qualities, and a dry finish.

The main coffee-growing countries in this region include Bali, Hawaii, India, Myanmar, Java, Papua New Guinea, Sulawesi (Celebes), Sumatra, and Timor.

Popular Coffees

  • Sumatra Mandheling: Known for its complex, intense and earthy flavors. A smooth and heavy-bodied coffee that reveals sweet chocolate notes, a subdued (low) acidity and perhaps just a hint of licorice.
  • Jamaican Blue Mountain: This silky smooth, full-bodied coffee has a mild, slightly sweet flavor with bright acidity, virtually no bitterness and a sparkling aroma.
  • Hawaiian Kona: Simple flavor, usually light, delicate and mild, Kona coffee is clean and well-balanced with medium to full body, cheerful acidity and a great aftertaste.

Other Excellent Coffees

  • Sulawesi Toraja: Heavy-bodied with a low, balanced acidity, complex flavor and earthy overtones.
  • Sumatra Lintong: Sweet with a medium body, low acidity and an earthy, complex aroma.
  • Java: Full-bodied, clean and thick.
  • Papua New Guinea: Full body (sometimes medium) with mild and mellow yet broad flavors. Bright and clean taste with a delicate sweetness, moderate acidity and a complex aroma.
  • New Guinea Kimel: A full-bodied coffee, New Guinea Kimel is medium bright with an intense aroma that has hints of currant and chocolate.
  • Organic Dragon: Heavy-bodied yet gentle. A sweet-spice flavor and a silky texture. The finish is rich and clean.
  • Sumatra Ika Organic: Full-bodied (almost syrupy), smooth and silky, with a sweetness of dried fruit. The finish is rich and lingering.
  • Timor Cooperative Organic: Rich body with sweet, deep tones of black cherry along with a subtle herbal aroma.

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