How Many Calories In A Cup of Coffee?

by Dan Harrington on June 1, 2011

Coffee Caloric Content Explained – Coffee Drink Calories

Do you savor your morning coffee drink but you are wondering if it is messing up your diet? Or do you just want to be a bit more sensible in ordering a delicious coffee beverage that doesn’t have one million calories!

When it comes to the world of coffee and espresso and coffee drinks, there is no shortage of choices from black coffee to the use of flavored syrups, non-fat or whole milk, even cream, and various sweeteners and other add-ons all adding to the calories in the coffee.

being aware of what you are drinking and making some healthy choices you can still enjoy your favorite coffee beverage but perhaps make that daily ritual a little less costly in terms of caloric content.

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The Nitty Gritty – Calories In Coffee

A plain cup of brewed coffee, for all practical purposes, has almost no calories. The coffee beans will likely contain a very tiny amount of protein as well as some mono-unsaturated oils, and these add up to a small amount of calories. While some people will answer the question of how many calories in a cup of coffee saying there are none, there may be about two calories depending upon the particular coffee beans and the brewing method used (e.g., a filter will remove more oils while a French Press will leave the oils in the coffee).

How Many Calories are in Instant Coffee?

The number of calories in the typical instant coffee, assuming that you use about one rounded-off teaspoon of the instant coffee powder, has a total of approximately 4 calories.

How Many Calories In A Cup of Coffee? continued:

How Much Caffeine in a Shot of Espresso

A typical shot of espresso, assuming the use of Arabica coffee beans, has approximately 1 calorie.

Monitoring Calories in Coffee Drinks

If you begin every day with a coffee drink then a small change in caloric consumption in regards to that coffee drink may have larger effects since you do it every single day, maybe more than once per day.

If you are trying to stick to a weight loss plan there is no reason to mess everything up by consuming large amounts of calories in your coffee beverage.

Now most people, it turns out, prefer to sweeten their coffee some way or another whether it is with sugar or some other sweetener, or with a flavored syrup, or you may prefer flavored coffee beans. If you are concerned about how many calories are in a cup of coffee then keep an eye on what sweeteners you used. Coffee is by nature a rather bitter brewed drink, though some people prefer a certain amount of bitterness in their coffee. Roasting coffee removes bitterness, and for this reason coffee beans that are less bitter to begin with require less of a roast.

A Simple Cup of Coffee – Calories Total Two

Well if you don’t add anything at all to your coffee you will likely be consuming about two calories due to the oils and protein in the beverage. These two calories do not include any fat.

If you add a tablespoon of sugar then you are adding about fifty calories to your cup of coffee. Adding some fat-free milk will add only nine calories to your cup of coffee while a tablespoon of half-and-half adds about twenty calories in a cup of coffee. Some people prefer to add heavy whipping cream to their coffee, and this will add about fifty-two calories.

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Calories At Your Local Coffee Shop

When ordering a coffee beverage at Starbucks, Peet’s or your favorite local coffee shop, you can always ask the barista about the calorie content of particular coffee drink. You may be amazed at how easy it is to make some small changes that will barely change the flavor of your espresso-based coffee drink or other coffee drink, and yet contain far less calories.

For example, if you order a sixteen ounce Caffe Mocha without whip cream at Starbucks you will be receiving about 290 calories. Now add some whip cream and you are up to 360 calories. For a sixteen-ounce latte you will be consuming 220 calories while a sixteen-ounce Cappuccino is 140 calories.

Perhaps you are trying to gain weight! Then go for the 560 calorie Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha with whip cream added. Pare it down to 430 calories by ordering a Vanilla Frappuccino with whip cream. As you can see one coffee drink can contain an amazing amount of calories which is why it is quite essential to pay attention to how many calories are in a cup of coffee.

Step on over to Dunkin’ Donuts for a ten-ounce Cappuccino that has eighty calories or try a ten-ounce Latte and you are in for 120 calories or take in 230 calories with their ten-ounce Mocha Swirl Latte.

Now let’s visit McDonalds and continue on our quest to answer the question about calories in coffee. You can order a 16-ounce Mocha which has 330 calories or a 16-ounce Latte with 180 calories. Now if you add the Coffee Cream at McDonalds tack on twenty calories, and add 22 calories for their nondairy creamer powder.

In general adding a tablespoon of whole milk will cost you nine calories while cream is 52 calories and half-and-half is twenty, with just five calories for fat-free milk. And remember that each tablespoon of sugar will net you about fifty calories (forty-eight to be exact).

Thank You for Visiting Gourmet Coffee Lovers and Reading How Many Calories In A Cup of Coffee. Love Your Coffee and Love Your Espresso!

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