Starbucks Barista Job Description – Starbuck Barista Job Tips – Starbucks Mission Statement

by Dan Harrington on April 14, 2011

How To Get A Job At Starbucks – Getting Ready For Your Starbuck Barista Resume Interview

The number one concern that Starbucks has when hiring employees is ascertaining whether you are willing to help them fulfill their mission of ensuring their service and standards. These include prompt service as well as high quality coffee beverages and a range of other products.

Starbucks states clearly in their standards that all “partners” – that is what you will be if you are hired as a Starbucks Barista – will contribute to the upbeat, friendly and clean atmosphere.

The Key Responsibilities of a Starbucks Barista

As a Starbucks Barista your main focus will be on developing not just satisfied customers, but enthusiastically satisfied customers, and not just some of the time but all of the time. That is your job number one!

You will be expected to welcome all customers and make an attempt to connect with them. While you are doing this your main focus is to determine the customer’s needs.

When it is appropriate the Starbucks Barista should suggest products to customers with the goal of enhancing Starbucks’ overall service to the customer and also helping to meet the company’s sales goals.

Allowing Starbucks Customers To Interact With Products

In the course of their connections with customers, the Starbucks Barista may offer samples and demonstrations including the use of particular brewing equipment and if appropriate create a situation in which the customers are able to interact with the various products to better ascertain if they would like to purchase the product.

As the Starbucks Barista proceeds to respond to whatever the customer needs and provide products to the customer in a prompt and efficient manner, the Barista will also say thank you to each and every customer.

Starbucks Barista Job Description – Starbuck Barista Job Tips – Starbucks Mission Statement continued:

Just Say Yes Is A Starbucks Motto

The overriding theme in dealing with customers is to “Just Say Yes.” This is a Starbucks company motto and the Starbucks Barista needs to embrace it wholeheartedly.

In addition to the friendly, prompt and efficient customer service the Starbucks Barista must make absolutely sure that they are providing each customer with a exceptional, high quality beverage to Starbucks standards, and this must be consistent for all Starbucks customers.

It goes without saying that Starbucks makes sure to strictly follow all guidelines regarding safety, health and sanitation in all of its many aspects and instances.

Maintaining Quality Store Operations At Starbucks Cafes

A Starbucks Barista is tasked with maintaining high quality store operations by following various methods and procedures that are specifically outlined including procedures that are detailed to govern the operational flow at each particular station.

The Starbucks Barista will also follow specific merchandising standards as well as standards for stocking, rotating and storing Starbucks products. In addition there are various cleaning tasks to be performed and this is done according to a detailed duty roster and includes cleaning standards.

While the Starbucks Barista will have specific tasks they are designated to complete at certain times, they are also expected at all times to work as a team member to ensure the most prompt and efficient service for customers during the course of the day at all times.

Starbuck Barista Job Tips, Starbucks Barista Job Description and Mission Statement

Star Skills Help Partners Communicate Clearly and Professionally

As a Starbucks Barista you will learn various “Star Skills” that will ensure you are able to present yourself in a professional manner including using very clear communication with customers and co-workers (partners).

As an overriding them, the Starbucks Barista partner will be expected to assist in the overall goal of contributing to the store’s profitability. Strict cash handling procedures must be followed along with cash register policies, and all partners must follow the guidelines for stocking and recording inventory.

Contributing to the Starbucks Company Store Goals

Partners are expected to have an interest in contributing to store goals which track sales and profits. Improving these sales and profits is to the benefit of the partner and the Starbucks family.

As a Starbucks Barista you are asked to take a passionate interest in learning all of the various aspects of the Barista position and take personal responsibility for doing that (e.g., self-initiated learning).

Through these various methods that you improve yourself as a partner and Starbucks Barista you are expected to learn as well as demonstrate the creation of the “Starbucks Experience” including all of the various performance standards that are specifically listed in the “Core Learning Journey.”

Starbucks Job Interview Tips including Starbucks Barista Job Description and Starbucks Mission Statement

Your Goals In Becoming a Starbucks Partner – Barista Tips continued:

Starbucks management takes the view that their success depends upon your success, and their ability to accomplish their goals is based upon their employees (you).

With this in mind they offer various opportunities for the Starbucks Barista to further develop his or her skills as well as their career and takes an interest in helping the employee achieve their own professional as well as personal goals.

Your Focus During the Starbucks Interview Process

On your Starbucks Barista Resume as well as during the interview process keep remembering the main three things that Starbucks is committed to including overall excellence, respect for customers and co-workers, and a dedication to corporate social responsibility.

Starbucks has clearly stated the types of people they are looking for as “partners” and the qualities include being a passionate and creative team player, being very self-motivated, and also adaptable.

Aside from being a neat and tidy, multi-tasking “people person” you can emphasize that you understand Starbucks is growing in dynamic ways and that you understand that they are looking for just the right people who have values which match those of the Starbucks family.

Your Long Term Goals With Starbucks Show Motivation and Commitment

Even if you are applying to be a Starbucks Barista you may state that you are aware of the eventual potential of achieving a store manager position and that is something you may set as a long term goal for yourself.

Another thing you may share during your Starbucks interview is that you have a certain passion for hand crafting the perfect coffee beverage and appreciate the value of a high quality drink that the customer may savor and experience in a way that satisfies them fully.

The Starbucks Shift Manager Position

If you know you can excel as a Starbucks Barista and seek more responsibility you may seek the job of a Shift Manager which means you will have specific tasks that help the store run smoothly.

The Shift Manager position is a stepping stone toward the Store Manager position which requires leadership skills as you are tasked with empowering Starbucks co-worker partners to create a wonderful experience that delights customers.

The Manager excels not only at being a people person but also has a sincere sense of ownership and skills that allow you to keep things organized and efficient.

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