Starbucks Logo Change – Starbuck Logo Meaning 2011-2012

by Dan Harrington on June 4, 2011

Coffee Market Business Report: In ancient times the coffee traders sailed the seas, and the Starbucks logo pays tribute to these seafaring origins. In 1971 Starbucks adopted the design from an old Norse woodcut featuring the mermaid siren.

Starbuck Logo Evolves As Company Grows and Becomes International

The Starbuck logo has evolved over the years, and now gracing Starbucks coffee cups from Paris to Beijing to New York City. In 1987 the Starbucks logo was changed a bit to eliminate the bare-breasted maiden and provide the logo with a more modest look that was palatable to a wider audience. At the same time the color of the logo was changed to green from brown.

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The latest Starbucks logo change unveiled in conjunction with the company’s 40th anniversary removed the outer ring of words that said Starbucks Coffee. With no words on the new logo, it is thought to have a wider appeal internationally, and without the word coffee the logo suits the company’s evolving line of consumer products and thus the Starbucks logo meaning will reflect the company’s broader appeal.

Now just the mystical sea mermaid, all on her own, represents the company’s heritage and poises it for future growth.

Starbuck Logo Meaning and Starbucks Logo Change 2011-2012 continued:

Starbucks is currently expanding in China, India, even the Czech Republic, and recently had its best quarter in its fiscal history. The company served more than sixty million people last year and took in approximately eleven billion dollars.

Starbucks also announced that it would be making a major entry into the single serve coffee market and this will include selling single serve brewing machines that brew specialty coffee including the fine Arabica coffee packaged as Coffee K-Cups in partnership with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

One of Starbucks biggest recent successes is its Via instant coffee line that earns an estimated $200 million annually. Starbucks sells VIA in more than thirty thousand locations in addition to its own stores, and will be using the Via technology to create new products in the near future.

Starbucks currently operates in at least fifty-five countries with Starbuck stores now numbering more than 17,000 including approximately eleven thousand U.S. stores, so the Starbuck logo meaning will come to represent truly international products.

The company’s current plans include one thousand new stores in China and also Starbuck stores in India along with many other markets. Starbucks has said it will also open about one hundred to two hundred new stores in the United States each year.

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