The Best Coffee in the World

by Dan Harrington on May 25, 2011

Savor the Finest Coffee Beans on Planet Earth!

Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee – Respected among the world’s very finest premium gourmet coffees, Ethiopian Sidamo is a very complex coffee with notes of chocolate along with wine and spice tones. The coffee offers a pleasant floral aroma along with a vibrant aftertaste. Steeped in history, Ethiopian coffee comes from the place where the first coffee originated. You can read more about it in: The Discovery of Coffee.

Sulawesi Toraja Coffee – Offering a very well-balanced acidity combined with a heavy body, Sulawesi Toraja is classified among the world’s best coffees. Enjoy the earthy notes and complexity of this gourmet brew that is grown on the island of Sulawesi in the mountains of Toraja in Indonesia. Toraja is located in the island’s southern region.

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Guatemalan Huehuetenango Coffee – This is a mild coffee with a relatively light body and subtle flavors that shine in the cup. Fruity flavors and a sweet aroma provide a wonderful cup of brewed coffee with an aftertaste than lingers nicely on the palate. Guatemalan Huehuetenango is cultivated in the highlands of northern Guatemala. If you want to accentuate the fruity brightness of this gourmet coffee then try a New England roast but if you would rather enjoy the intensity of the bittersweet chocolate tastes then choose an Italian roast.

Yemen Mocha Coffee – This is an earthy coffee that is complex in its flavors with very deep and intense qualities, sometimes even referred to as gamey. The coffee has spicy notes of cardamom and cinnamon along with dry fruit such as raisins. Yemen Mocha is a wild and dry-processed coffee. Try a Dark Roast to bring out the wine and fruit notes of Yemen Mocha coffee along with rich tones of chocolate. Not only is this one of the best coffees in the world, it is also a traditional part of the world’s most esteemed coffee blend, Yemen Mocha. To read the interesting story of how this blend came to be (in the hulls of the old wooden sailing ships coming to the ancient port of Mocha), see The Discovery of Coffee.

Tanzania Peaberry Coffee – This gourmet coffee has a medium body and delicate flavor with a moderate acidity and overall extremely pleasant taste. Grown on Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, this coffee consists of the whole beans known as “Peaberry” rather than the much more common two half-beans produced by most coffee cherry.

Panama Lerida- As sweet as honey, this light-bodied coffee is rich with notes of blueberry and is a great sipping coffee for the daytime. Very well-balanced, Panama Lerida is a delight on the palate. If you want to bring out the vibrancy and brightness of the coffee then try a New England or even a City roast but if you would rather savor the coffee’s rich nutty qualities then try a Vienna roast.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee – Grown in the Sidamo region of Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe is a relatively light-bodied coffee with notes of wine and berry as well as a pleasant floral aroma. The taste is complex and with an intensity that is a true delight worthy of being called one of the world’s best coffees and some consider it to be, indeed, the best coffee in the world. Notes of toasted coconut may shine through along with chocolate and citrus as well as a vibrant aftertaste. Read more about the origins of coffee in Ethiopia in The Discovery of Coffee. This is also a popular coffee for making iced coffee. If you want to bring out the fine delicacy of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe then try a City or New England. but if you want to relish the wonderful sweetness of this gourmet coffee then choose an Italian or Vienna roast.

Kenya AA Tembo Estate – This is a vibrant coffee with a relatively light body. The crisp acidity is complemented by the floral aroma with notes of wine. Also shining through are notes of passionfruit. Try a City roast with Kenya AA Tembo Estate if you want to accentuate the coffee’s brightness. This fine gourmet coffee may indeed be among the very “brightest” coffees in all the world.

Jamaican Blue Mountain – Cultivated near Kingston in the renowned Blue Mountains, this world famous coffee is grown as high as seven thousand feet above sea level in prime Arabica coffee growing areas. The result is a vibrant acidity and an almost total lack of bitterness. The aroma sparkles in the cup and though the body of Jamaica Blue Mountain is very full the flavor is mild and classic, very pleasant on the palate.

Ethiopian Harrar – Enjoy one of the world’s finest premium gourmet coffees from the prime growing regions of Ethiopia. This is a dry-processed coffee and benefits from the the taste of the fruit that imparts to the coffee beans during drying. Typically the Ethiopian Harrar coffees are more wild and gamey than the Yirgacheffe coffees which are more floral due to their wet-processing though truly both are considered among the top when ranking the best coffee in the world. The Harrars have a wonderful complexity with notes of spice including chocolaty flavors along with undertones of cardamom and cinnamon. Depending on the roast you may also notice compote and blueberries.

Sumatra Mandheling – Cultivated near Padang on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, Sumatra Mandheling gets its name from the north Sumatran people called Mandailing. The coffee is respected among the world’s best Arabica coffees due to its heavy body and exotic earthy qualities along with a wonderfully complex intensity that delights the palate. The body of this premium gourmet coffee can verge on syrupy as it coast the palate with exciting flavors including chocolate and licorice. The acidity tends to be relatively mild. To accentuate the sweetness try a Vienna or Italian roast, or try a French roast if you want to experience the world’s most heavy-bodied coffee in all its glory. The concentrated flavor qualities of Sumatra Mandheling coffee make it excellent for use in Gourmet Coffee Drinks as cream and milk can be added without losing the coffee’s distinct flavors and aromas.

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