What Is A Premium Gourmet Coffee?

Any discussion of “premium gourmet coffee” involves everything that goes into producing the coffee From Soil To Sip—including the type of plant, the growing conditions and methods, and the harvesting and processing to create the milled and roasted beans.

A great variety of coffee bean types are produced by coffee plantations all around the world, and each prime coffee growing region produces unique coffee beans with their own taste profiles and characteristics.

Much of a premium gourmet coffee’s distinctive taste is reflective of its origins, and so a wonderful part of the gourmet coffee experience is enjoying the coffee’s origin flavors, which are the natural flavors produced by the soil and climate of the region where the coffee was grown, as well as the particular coffee plant variety.

Premium gourmet coffees also derive their range of tastes from a whole variety of other factors that occur before the consumer ever sees the beans.  There are also factors that can be controlled by the consumer.

As the coffee consumer, it is important to acquire the highest quality freshly-roasted whole beans, store the beans properly in a cool, dry, dark place, and then grind the beans properly before brewing them into the Perfect Cup of Coffee, Perfect Shot of Espresso, or Perfect Cappuccinos and Lattes.

Following all of the proper steps as explained in the Barista Training Guide will ensure that you will be able to appreciate the coffee’s very finest premium gourmet flavors.

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