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by Dan Harrington on May 23, 2011

What Is The Best Coffee In the World? Read On to Find Out!

The finest coffee growing regions of the world are located at high elevations in fertile soils and with just the right climate for the sensitive Arabica coffee plants to thrive. Combine this with careful cultivation, and harvesting of the coffee cherry at optimal ripeness, along with care taken at every step of the processing and roasting, and the result is the world’s finest premium gourmet coffees.

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And here they are:

The World’s Finest Gourmet Coffees:

Ethiopian Harrar CoffeeThis is a wonderful dry-processed coffee which is much more wild than the wet-processed Ethiopian Yirgacheffes which are more citrusy and floral. Expect winey and fruity tones in the Harrars, which many consider to be the World’s Best Coffee. Enjoy the complex taste with notes of spice including cardamom and cinnamon along with compote and blueberry jam.

Kenyan CoffeesA powerful coffee with lots of character, Kenyan coffee is wet-processed and offers boldness with a medium to full body. Also known for its bright and vibrant acidity, Kenya coffee has an intensity that is unmistakable. Kenya coffee is also very complex in its flavor profile with a delicious winey richness with a clean and crisp taste that offers notes of citrus and lemon along with blackberry fruit. The overall quality of Kenya coffee has led it to be called the “Connoisseurs Cup” and it is clearly ranked among the world’s best gourmet coffees.

World’s Best Coffee continued – Best Specialty Coffees On Earth!

Jamaican Blue Mountain CoffeeOffering a full body and bright acidity, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is a sweet coffee and is respected for its almost total absence of bitterness. The aroma sparkles in the cup. The coffee, one of the world’s best gourmet brews, is grown as high as 7,500 feet above sea level.

Panama Lerida - This is a light-bodied coffee with a sweet honey flavor accented with a rich buttery quality. You will enjoy this coffee’s exceptional balance, and to really bring out the vibrancy and brightness of Panama Lerida apply a New England or a City roast or if you really want to emphasize the nutty rich quality then try a Vienna roast.

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Sumatra Mandheling CoffeePapua New Guinea CoffeeOrganic Fair Trade Sumatra Coffee

Sumatra Mandheling CoffeeThe heavy body of this coffee can be almost syrupy. The flavor is earthy with a wonderful complexity including notes of chocolate and a very subdued acidity. Also look for hints of licorice. Mandheling coffee is cultivated near Padang in Sumatra’s west-central area which grows some of the finest Arabica coffee in the world. A Vienna Roast or Italian Roast is recommended to bring out the earthiness and sweetness, or if you want to emphasize the body then try a French roast. Mandheling is also excellent for cold brewed Gourmet Coffee Drinks.

Yemen Mocha (Yemeni Coffee) – Complex and earthy, Yemen Mocha is one of the true gourmet coffees of the world. The flavor offers a delicious pungency with notes of cardamom and cinnamon along with chocolate and wine. A darker roasts brings out the fruit and wine notes. The lively intensity of Yemen Mocha is why it goes so well in the traditional blend of Mocha Java, the oldest coffee blend in the world. Yemen Mocha is dry-processed. To read more about the history of this unique coffee that many consider the World’s Best Coffee, see The Discovery of Coffee.

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Hawaiian Kona - Offering a mild and delicate taste, Kona coffee is very well-balanced with a medium to full body. The acidity is very cheerful and carries into the fine finish. The coffee is cultivated on the west side of the Big Island of Hawaii in the Kona Coffee Belt on the fertile volcanic slopes where the farmers nurture the coffee from Soil To Sip.

Costa Rica Monte Crisol - With a sweet flavor and silky body, Costa Rica Monte Crisol coffee is known for its silky body and delicious topnotes of blueberry along with a buttery aftertaste. Perhaps the World’s Best Coffee, it is grown in the West Central Valley of Costa Rica which is a prime coffee growing region. To accentuate the fruity brightness of the coffee a Full roast is recommended. The highest grade of coffee bean is classified as Strictly Hard Bean and is grown above 3,900 feet above sea level.

Guatemalan Huehuetenango – With a light body and distinctive fruity flavor, Guatemalan Huehuetenango coffee is appreciated for its very sweet fragrance. The aftertaste is very clean and lingers pleasantly. Grown in the highlands of Guatemala, this is one of the best coffees in the world and truly a premium gourmet coffee. If you want to bring out the notes of bittersweet chocolate then try an Italian roast but if you want to emphasize the fruity brightness then try a New England roast.

Sulawesi Toraja - This is a wonderfully complex coffee with a heavy body and vibrant acidity. Sulawesi Toraja is very well-balanced and infused with earthy tones that give it a distinct character that ranks it among the world’s best coffees. Toraja is grown on the island of Sulawesi in the Toraja region which is located on the southern area of the island which is very mountainous.

World’s Best coffee continued – Exploring the Finest Gourmet Coffee Beans

Malawi Ngapani AAA – This is not a coffee one might normally expect to find on a list of the best coffees in the world but the fruity aroma, crisp East African style acidity, and unique origin have gained it some respect. The notes of chocolate and hazelnut delight the palate, and this vibrant coffee is typically medium-bodied. If you want to bring out the fruity brightness of the Malawi Ngapani AAA then try a City roast.

Brazilian Bourbon SantosEnjoy this nutty, sweet and smooth gourmet coffee that is typically light to medium-bodied and has a relatively low acidity and very pleasing aroma. The Arabica coffee plants of the Brazilian Bourbon Santos crop came originally from the plants that were carried to the island formerly known as Bourbon and now known as Reunion Island. This rich heritage makes the beans prized as among the world’s best coffees.

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Tanzania Peaberry – This is a rich coffee with a deep-toned taste that is both winey and delicate. The body is typically medium and the acidity is relatively tame, but the overall flavors and aromas combine to create one of the world’s best gourmet coffees. Tanzania Peaberry coffee is cultivated high on the hills of the famed Mount Kilimanjaro near Tanzania’s border with Kenya. These prime Peaberry coffee beans are prized for the intensity of their flavor. Only about three to eight percent of any coffee crop is Peaberry beans which are from coffee cherry that contain a single whole bean rather than two half-beans.

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